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Wooden leisure chairs wooden folding chair features and maintenance methods

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Decorating the house is a thing that many people do. The original empty house needs to be decorated with care to become vibrant. There are many ways to decorate the house. Among them, the acquisition of wooden leisure chairs is one. Solid wood small leaning chairs in recent years by more and more people welcome. Wooden leisure chairs are environmentally friendly and practical, giving us a feeling of returning to nature, and our bodies have benefits. The next is the introduction of the characteristics of wooden leisure chairs and maintenance methods.

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  • Features

  • Maintenance method


Mediterranean characteristics of wooden leisure chairs look very modern and fashionable, it is all selected solid wood material, environmental health, and robust and safe. Such wooden folding leisure chairs from Vietnam is an excellent imported product, its appearance lubrication, induction profile beautiful, in our ordinary day to use such wooden folding leisure chairs will let our home taste also gradually get advance, but also more enjoy the day.

Wooden folding leisure chairs sometimes allow us to feel a fresh natural beauty of the outdoors, it is the choice of hanging wood all solid wood to build, wood solid, fine structure, and durable and not deformed. Wooden folding leisure chair backrest curvature program is reasonable, can be a great limit to bring us a sense of well-being, adding more leisure and comfort for our days.

Some of the wooden folding leisure chairs use excellent nan bamboo, will retain a fresh texture of the original color, fine workmanship, simple and generous program, the standard of the backrest is greater when we lean on it will feel sounder and more relaxed. Nan bamboo manufacturing wooden folding leisure chair structure solid peace, bearing capacity is also good, the use of such a wooden folding leisure chair will allow us to feel more leisure and self-congratulation.

Maintenance method

For the newly purchased wooden leisure chair, first wet a towel with water, wring it out and wipe away the dust and dirt on the surface of the chair; to avoid scratching with sharp objects. Wooden leisure chairs in the process of use require maintaining a certain temperature and relative humidity. Newly purchased leisure chairs, it is recommended that you should maintain a certain amount of ventilation in addition. In addition, room, leisure chairs should avoid direct sunlight, so as not to cause the surface of the furniture discoloration and luster or furniture cracking and deformation. If the indoor use of air conditioning should maintain indoor relative humidity at about 60%. If possible, you can plant some flowers or ornamental fish indoors to properly increase the humidity in the room. Wooden leisure chairs in the process of use, should consider regular maintenance leisure chairs surface paint coating, he can protect the surface of the furniture, we should regularly varnish the furniture surface paint cleaning. First, use a wet soft towel to wipe away the dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture, and after the surface of the furniture is slightly dry, use furniture wax or liquid wax to gently wipe the surface of the furniture for varnishing.

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