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Modern swivel office staff mesh chair, with white armrest and frame and aluminium legs, base has lifting function.It is our new design, its young and fashion look win a lot of people's love. Add vitality to your office environment.
Modern office high-back chair, with knock-down armrest, adjustable armrest and base, aluminium legs and PU wheels.
New-design modern office mesh chair, with aluminium legs, PU noiseless wheels, base with locking and lifting function, translational seat, adjustable soft PU armrest, adjustable back and headrest, Korean imported mesh!


In the past 10 years, we made great development in our products, we emphasized on quality and brand building, and we will keep moving on.


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“Runzhi” factory specializes in producing high-quality office chairs and sofas. In the past 10 years, we made great development in our products, we emphasized on quality and brand building, and we will keep moving on.

With advanced technology and effective production management, our products are sold to foreign countries like Europe, America, South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific.


 Our office chairs and sofas embody the perfect combination of tradition and trend.
We take quality as our life. Preciseness is a strong professional dedication which has been accumulated for many years and is indicated in every high-quality product.
High quality is the consolidation after serious work and it becomes the base for us to keep a leading position in the industry for long time.
”Runzhi” will keep forging ahead and look forward to cooperating with you to create a modern comfortable office world.


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16 September 2022
Wooden leisure chairs wooden folding chair features and maintenance methods

Decorating the house is a thing that many people do. The original empty house needs to be decorated with care to become vibrant. There are many ways to decorate the house. Among them, the acquisition of wooden leisure chairs is one. Solid wood small leaning chairs in recent years by more and more people welcome. Wooden leisure chairs are environmentally friendly and practical, giving us a feeling of returning to nature, and our bodies have benefits. The next is the introduction of the characteristics of wooden leisure chairs and maintenance methods.

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13 September 2022
What should I do to maintain my Office desk daily?

In the office, the Office desk is the most basic office unit. A business was big as it is built on the Office desk. Working on the Office desk brings productivity and value to the business. Whether the office is used for a long time, it is essential to maintain it. Good maintenance can greatly extend the life of office furniture while reducing costs. So, do you know what you should do to maintain your Office desk daily? Here are some answers.

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09 September 2022
What is the mainframe of the leisure sofa?

Has always been, the leisure sofa is one of the most indispensable pieces of furniture in the living room, the daily life of rest, meeting guests or dinner and other activities cannot be separated from it. At the same time, with the continuous development of sofa technology, sofa style, type, material and style are also increasingly rich. However, no matter how new the sofa style, style how to meet the room decoration, we cannot see the mainframe is still the most important thing to select the sofa. So, what kinds of leisure sofas are the mainframe? Next are some introductions. Attached is also attached to the leisure sofa color matching tips.

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