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What is the mainframe of the leisure sofa?

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Has always been, the leisure sofa is one of the most indispensable pieces of furniture in the living room, the daily life of rest, meeting guests or dinner and other activities cannot be separated from it. At the same time, with the continuous development of sofa technology, sofa style, type, material and style are also increasingly rich. However, no matter how new the sofa style, style how to meet the room decoration, we cannot see the mainframe is still the most important thing to select the sofa. So, what kinds of leisure sofas are the mainframe? Next are some introductions. Attached is also attached to the leisure sofa color matching tips.

Here is the content list:

  • Mainframe

  • Matching tips


Solid wood structure

The scarcity of wood resources, hardwood drying technology, mortise, and tenon connection, coupled with the real solid wood structure of the leisure sofa is quite expensive, such a structure sofa is quite rare.

All-steel welded structure

Ordinary standard square steel pipe is welded and formed under the standard mold for rustproof treatment. This process is difficult to form, with long working hours, high technical requirements. Advantages: good structural stability, high strength, good environmental protection, long service life. Most of the current European sofa using this structure is the future direction of the development of domestic leisure sofas.

Board and wood structure

Wooden beams and upright support, combined with multi-layer composite panels made of nail joint structure skeleton. This structure material cost is low, the production process is simple, easy to shape, has high manufacturing efficiency, is a widely used process structure. Disadvantages: If the multi-layer composite panels are not environmentally friendly, have high formaldehyde content, are easy to cause pollution, and emit odor.

Matching tips

The leisure sofa is the main furniture in the living room. The key to choosing the color of the leisure sofa is to look at the main color of the living room. The premise principle is that the color of the sofa needs to be determined according to the general color of the living room. Do not buy a leisure sofa before the general color of the living room is determined. When off-white is the main color of the dining room, you can choose a leisure sofa with a high gray brightness, which can create a different tonal effect and avoid monotony. The gray cotton and linen leisure sofa combine with the color of the floor to maximize the use of gray. In short, you can't go wrong with white and black-gray.

It is important to note that the three main areas of walls, flooring, and curtains are determined before the leisure sofa color is decided. The choice of a leisure sofa and the atmosphere of the living room, taste, tone of the relationship is extremely close, as the living room for eye-catching large furniture, should be unified with the ceiling, walls, floors, doors, and windows color style to achieve a coordinated effect. The flowers, lines, squares, plain, dark, etc. have their style. If it is the spacious and bright living room, then the beautiful big flowers, red, green, square and other bright colors are very suitable, as long as attention and the rest of the furniture tone, style unity is good. If the living room has wainscoting or wall color, then the leisure sofa is not suitable for picking bright colors, choose plain fabrics will be elegant. Like to make the living room has a classical atmosphere, then, pick a darker color monochrome sofa or striped sofa suitable. If the wall is four white floors, choosing a dark leisure sofa will make the room looks clean and quiet, generous and comfortable. If the doors and windows are white in color, elegant and generous, flower-shaped more complex fabric leisure sofa is more suitable.

Foshan Runzhi Furniture Co., Ltd reminds you that the gravity of the leisure sofa determines the service life of the sofa, and the frame of the leisure sofa directly determines the gravity of the sofa, so it is necessary to buy a good quality leisure sofa.

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